• Plug in the Bluetooth USB Dongle.  Windows should automatically install the drivers.  To manually update the drivers, follow the three steps below
    1. To manually update the bluetooth drivers, go to "Device Manager" by doing a windows search.  Look for "Bluetooth" or "Bluetooth Radios" and expand this by clicking the small arrow to the left.  
    2. Right click on "TDK Bluetooth USB Adapter" and select "updated driver".  When asked how you would like to search for drivers, select "Browse my computer", and from the next screen click "Let me pick from a list".  
    3. Next, you will see a couple of options.  You will want to double click "TDK Bluetooth USB Adapter".  Windows will go through a quick update.  Once this is complete, proceed to the next step.
  • After Windows installs the drivers, turn on your measuring arm
  • Right-click on the Bluetooth icon located in the lower right corner on the taskbar and choose “Add a Device”
  • Double-click on the icon that shows “COLMSXXXXXX”.  Remember the 6 digit number after COLMS
  • Click “Enter the device’s pairing code”
  • Enter the 6 digit number that was shown in step 4
  • Open Vision Diagnose (Note: Vision Diagnose will not work properly if any other Vision programs are open)
  • Diagnose can be found by typing “Vision Diagnose” into a Windows search box or by locating the Car-O-Liner folder
  • Under the “Radio” tab, click the Auto Search button.  The program will automatically select the COM PORT that is communicating with the measuring arm.  The transmission quality bar should begin to load. (You can select “Reset Counters” and the load bar will jump to 100%)
  • Select the “Version” tab.  The calibration files should change from a red X to a green check mark
  • Select the “Battery” tab to view the charge on the battery that is currently in the measuring arm.  This step is not necessary but it allows you to inform the customer that they may need to charge the battery or replace it with a spare
  • Click the “Sensor” tab.  The LM, G0, G1, and G2 sensors will need to be cleared.  This means that a technician will have to move the arm around at all of the points shown on the screen until the red X’s turn to green check marks